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Joyful Hermit’s Borscht Soup

This soup is about as red as it gets–while packed with all kinds of vegetables and good stuff for little boys and girls, grown-ups and joyful or even grumpy hermits. You must like beets to like Borscht which is an … Continue reading

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Epiphany Cake

While Epiphany is the 6th of January, it is celebrated now in the Church in the United States on the Sunday following January 6.  I tend to celebrate it both days unless the 6th falls on a Sunday.  Regardless, it … Continue reading

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Nature’s Notes

The gardens here have numerous, interesting specimen trees, such as unusual Japanese Maples.  It does not seem right to not share the beauty, whether unusual or simply the beautiful, typical, gorgeous leaves that we find in any locale.  Although note … Continue reading


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Advent Gifts

Advent prepares the heart and hearth for the coming of Christ, celebrated on December 25.  Advent begins four Sundays prior to Christmas.  The spiritual theme is inner and outer preparation while waiting.  Advent heralds the beginning of a new liturgical … Continue reading

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Fortitude Fudge: The Joyful Hermit Way

Growing up in a small town has its advantages.  One is the childhood memories of a candy shop on the main street.  Back then, we children could gather our pennies and nickels, walk with fearless abandon to this shop, and … Continue reading

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Joyful Hermit Herbal Mix

Joyful Hermit Herbals are now available, just in time to add hints of mysterious, marvelous flavors to winter soups, beans, egg dishes, pastas, potatoes–any culinary creation that begs for palate intrigue. The 10 commendable herbs are grown right here in … Continue reading

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Happy Eternal Birthday!

A letter arrived in which someone urged:  Don’t go away!  It has been a day of pondering not being noticed, as well as of celebrating the tenth birthday of my dad who died Nov. 20, 2001–but was born into eternity … Continue reading

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Doing Great Things for God

As a child, in one of those moments remembered in each detail, and deeply sensing God, I promised with my life to do great things for God.  When a bit older, someone taunted me about my promise:  “You’re just a … Continue reading

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Joyful Reports on Various Experiments

Three weeks into slurping Green Glop first thing every morning, Joyful Hermit is pleased to report improvement in energy.  Consume a glass with morning pain med, head to Mass, return later for some oatmeal or eggs.  (Just learned that breakfast … Continue reading

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Joyful Presentation with Purpose

Someone ordered 18 Joyful Hermit Hermits.  Is taking them to her parish sewing group for a little something different snack.  Since Joyful Hermit prays while baking and packaging each order, prayer concerns are given: health of some of the older … Continue reading

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