The Joyful Hermit Shoppe: Food Items

Joyful Hermit Hermits:

This delightful cookie is not only substantial in health but also enduring in flavor and freshness.  Historically, the cookie was a favorite of seamen (and hermits) in their travels.  The name is not actually attributable to hermits but rather is a name derived from a foreign word that sounded like “hermit”.  However, no God-fearing hermit or otherwise can claim anything but goodness from eating a Joyful Hermit Hermit chock-full of walnuts, almonds, raisins, dates and a mysterious blend of spices.  Baked by Joyful Hermit just for you!

The Joyful Hermit Hermits may be obtained year ’round as a staple of hermitage fare.  You may even specify the type of nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds) and dried fruits (raisins, dates, cranberries, cherries) or combination thereof.  Pecans and/or cherries add $1 per item per order.

Each cookie weighs between 1 and 1 1/2 ounces and ordered by half-dozen increments.   Shipping and handling expenses vary per amount ordered.  Donation suggested per half dozen: $5.00; dozen: $9.00 plus s&h.  Email: to specify order and for shipping donation per costs.  Fresh-shipped upon receipt of Paypal donation.

St. Bernard Love of God Bourbon Balls:

These potent St. Bernard Love of God Bourbon Balls may be ordered in the following amounts and suggested donations:

5 Love Balls in paper inserts with tin (approx. 3-4 oz.) =$7.50         12 Love Balls in paper inserts, with tin (approx. 7-8 oz.) = $19

You may even choose the bourbon:  Ridgemont Reserve 1792, Woodford Reserve or Four Roses Single Barrel. Tins for spring and summer as seen on left unless other desired.  Holiday & heart tins are available as well as black oval for the 5-pack.

How to order?  Contact Joyful by email: with amounts and selections.  Use the Paypal button on this page to make the donation once you have decided what you desire!

Note:  These luscious, potent “love balls” are now offered year-around.  They are tremendous successes at graduation parties as well as wedding showers/receptions.

Fortitude Fudge:

Quite by accident I came upon an ingredient that makes this fudge the absolute creamiest–at least in my many years of fudging!  While I offer to make the fudge in various, choice chocolates (dark or semi-dark; with or w/out nuts), the darkest of dark, sea-salted Fortitude Fudge is the parousia of fudges.  Connoisseurs thus far desire none other.  Find out for yourself!

Sold for months of December and February, Joyful Hermit’s hermitage-made Sea-Salted Fortitude Fudge comes with a variety of choices.  You may select: Dark Night of the Soul Fudge that is the darkest of fudge; Dark Night of the Senses Fudge that is semi-dark; or Milky Way Fudge that is lighter.  You may also select nuts: Pecan, Walnut, Cashew or Almonds.  This fudge has been said to be the best people have ever tasted!

Email with your order and make donation using the Paypal button.  Shipping and handling will run approx. $5.75 for 8 oz. and $8 for pound quantities.  Details of order and any questions are answered when you email your order.  Special tin with ribbon tie, $1.25 extra.

Suggested donations for Fortitude Fudge types and amounts:

Dark Night of the Soul:  8 oz. – $5.75;      1 lb. – $11 

Dark Night of the Senses8 oz. – $5.25; 1 lb. – $10    

Add  $.50 for nuts per each half-pound.


Joyful Hermit Culinary Herbals:

Joyful Hermit Culinary Herbals are now available, just in time to add hints of mysterious, marvelous flavors to winter soups, beans, egg dishes, pastas, pizza or any culinary creation that begs for hermitage-grown, herbal, palate intrigue.

Email: with specification of amount and container desired.  Order by  1/2, 3/4, or 1 cup (or more depending upon availability).  Choose from small tin, lidded jar or the special wire-clasp jar (shown).  You may also order in plastic baggie if you wish to use your own container=$3 per ½ cup.

Herbal mix is $3.00 per ½ cup.

Suggested donation for small tinful, 3/4 c. $9.00;                     small lidded jarful 1/2 cup $6.00;                                                  metal clasp jarful, 1 cup $12.00;                                                         plus order’s postage and handling.  Any order amounts and questions will be answered, clarified and confirmed with Joyful Hermit via email.  Then use Paypal donation button, and your order will be shipped.

Sea-Salted Caramels…with Temperance Built-in!

The Joyful Hermit copper-pot cooks these luscious, melt-in-the-mouth caramels.  One bite into their sweetness can bring a spray of sea-salty contrast that surprises and pleases.  Try Vanilla Sea-Salted, Vanilla Sea-Salted Pistachio, Chai and Coffee; but I am ever-experimenting with mysterious flavors that approach the spiritual heights if it weren’t for the reality of temporal palate.  I place these simply seductive caramels in the virtue of temperance category.  Before you finish one caramel, they seem to softly sing:  Taste just one more!

Made with organic cream and fresh rolled butter–don’t they look lovingly sweet in a heart-print bag? But I have packaging for any occasion. Just let me know your needs and desires; we’ll figure out something unique!

For example, try this Austrian glass expresso cup filled with caramels as a special gift!  The cup itself retails on line for $69.95 [see Riedel Expresso Cups on Amazon], set of two; but Joyful will sell one-each filled with caramels of your choice (recommend coffee, though!) for $25, while quantities last.

Figuring the costs involved, a 3-oz (approx. 7 pieces) heart-tin or 4-oz. bag (approx. 9) can leave the hermitage with a suggested donation of $4.00  For an 8-oz. bag, how about $7 with $12 for 1 lb.?  Please add to donation for shipping costs:  approximately $3.00 for 4 oz. and $5.75 for 8 oz. or 1 lb. 

I keep prices at hermit-frugal levels.  Don’t forget to let me know prayer intentions with each order.  I’ll pray for an added dose of temperance with each; these are just so enticingly good!

Email your requests to:                                                                Once we have the arrangements made (I make any flavors), press the donate button. 

Especially for Valentine’s Day Benefit for the Women’s Care Center:

St. Bernard Love of God Bourbon Balls

A great gift for men (but women love them, too), these little love balls are potent with the finest of bourbons.  You may choose between the lovely Four Roses Single Barrel Batch, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, or Woodford Reserve.  (For large orders, I will use a bourbon of your choice.)

The classy, black oval tin holds 5 bourbon balls.  A medium-size red heart tin available holds 12.  Or, you may want a wee taste as in the tiny, red-or-white heart sampler tin of 3 bourbon balls.  Multum in parvo!  {Much in little}

Suggested donation:                                                                                                                   3-pack in red/white heart tin, 3×3″ – $4.5o                                                                             5-pack black oval tin, 3×4″ – $7.50                                                                                          12-pack in red heart tin, 6½ x 6½” – $19.00                                                                       Shipping & handling, extra approx. $4.00 for small but will estimate in email depending upon multiple items in your order.

Fortitude Fudge

Quite by accident I came upon an ingredient that makes this fudge the absolute creamiest–at least in my many years of fudging!  While I offer to make the fudge in various, choice chocolates (dark or semi-dark; with or w/out nuts), the darkest of dark, sea-salted Fortitude Fudge is the parousia of fudges.  Connoisseurs thus far desire none other.  Find out for yourself!

Suggested donation:

Dark Night of the Soul Darkest Fudge:  8 oz. – $5.75;  1 lb. – $11                                        Dark Night of the Senses Semi-Dark:  8 oz. – $5.25;  1 lb. – $10                                         Note: Nuts add 50¢, per item ordered.                                                                                Shipping & handling approx. $3.50 for 8 oz. and $5.75 for 1 lb. quantities.

Temperance Sea-Salted Caramels

These luscious, melt-in-the-mouth caramels are so good that you will realize that temperance is indeed a much-needed virtue!  One bite leads to another…especially when a burst of sea-salt splashes upon the caramel sweetness, causing a sensational surprise!  Try vanilla, pistachio or coffee–or all three varieties.  With these caramels, one good taste leads to another:  have extra on hand.

Suggested donation:

3-oz. (approx. 7 pieces) in heart tin:  $3.50     

4-oz. (approx. 9 pieces) in heart gift bag:  $3.50

8-oz. (approx. 18 pieces) in heart gift bag:  $6.50

1 lb. (approx. 36 pieces) in heart gift bag:  $12.00

Select Sea-Salted Vanilla, Pistachio or Coffee; and if ordering the tin, choose red or white.  Caramels are individually wrapped.  Shipping & handling:  approx. $3.75 for 3- to 8-oz. and  $7.00 for 1 lb.

Email the specifics of your order:  Once details are arranged, donations may be made via the Paypal “donate” button in the sidebar to the right of this post, checks or cash are accepted.  Please give your prayer intentions if you desire, as I truly do pray for you and your intentions from start to finish on each order. 

Thank you!


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  1. Jan Weeks says:

    Just placed an order for the cookies, can’t wait to try them!

  2. Louisea says:

    How do I get this goodness in me? I can’t figure out how to order.

  3. Louisea says:

    Is there an order button I’m missing?

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