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Green Glory (aka Green Glop, Reprised)

I cannot extol enough the benefits of Green Glory.  Yes, it used to be called Green Glop in previous post; but people complained that it did not sound appetizing.  Can a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  Green … Continue reading

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Nature’s Notes

The gardens here have numerous, interesting specimen trees, such as unusual Japanese Maples.  It does not seem right to not share the beauty, whether unusual or simply the beautiful, typical, gorgeous leaves that we find in any locale.  Although note … Continue reading


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Eating Humble Pie

The idiom popped into my mind a few days ago and departs not:  Now eat your humble pie.  It is something my dad would say, surely.  After hearing it in my mind over and over, it was time to research.  … Continue reading

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Joyfully Inexpensive Joyful Gift

The price of greeting cards, for those who still send them, can cost as much as a joyfully fun gift that is utilizable as well as spreads joy beyond the initial gift.  Joyful Hermit pounced on the idea when noticing … Continue reading

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Indoor Greenhousing

This year Joyful Hermit decided to take indoor greenhousing to a higher level.  The flats of annuals costs rise yearly, and finding sales is hit-and-miss.  Big Lots had three-shelf greenhouse units for $20 each; JH purchased two, on separate days … Continue reading

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Funeral Dinner Fruit Salad

The Joyful Hermit is asked to contribute a food item for a funeral dinner.  Such a fruitful way to help the grieving, and Joyful ponders the full effect of the project.  Given several options, JH settles upon a fruit salad; … Continue reading

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Decorating Liturgically

Lent is here, and The Joyful Hermit is changing the decor: simply, slightly, inexpensively.  Although many do not sense it, we humans are innately tuned to the spiritual seasons of God:  Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time. Years … Continue reading

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Shopping: Toilet Paper and Holy Stones

The last time purchasing toilet paper, Joyful Hermit went for a grocery store sale.  A major brand touted an alluring discount from its regular price.  Usually, JH gets bargain tp, single ply, but this time lovingly considered guests’ comfort.  Hermits … Continue reading

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Water, Whatever

The Joyful Hermit is watering the few remaining orchids and a slew of other houseplants today.  Just stepped outside the garage with the blue bucket and loaded it with the quickly melting snow.  Brought in the bucket, set it on … Continue reading

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The Joyful Hermit’s Cheapeats

The Joyful Hermit shops some at Big Lots.  One reason is that it is along my route from Cathedral to hermitage.  It is simple to navigate the parking lot and store.  And, I noticed that some of the food items … Continue reading

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