Green Glory (aka Green Glop, Reprised)

I cannot extol enough the benefits of Green Glory.  Yes, it used to be called Green Glop in previous post; but people complained that it did not sound appetizing.  Can a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  Green Glory is still very green and very gloppy, but after drinking it each morning for a year, I can attest to its merits.

Someone also suggested it was too much hassle and time consuming to make.  I clocked three batches concocted, blended and in convenient freezer containers enough for 20 breakfast servings:  less than an hour.  That came out to about 3 min. per breakfast prep.  The cost is rather minimal with sale items–about 30¢ or so per abundant glassful.

If you have little helpers, it can go even faster.  Just purchase (or grow) the veggies and fruit, selecting what is on sale if you want bargain in addition to bodily boost.  I use dark greens of all types and include a whole cucumber and two stems of celery per blender full, as these will provide organ and skin cleanse/tone.

Green Glory

1 ½ c. water in blender         4-5 lg. leaves dark greens (kale, beet, Mescule, Romaine…)    1 cucumber, peeled                2 stems celery                    2-3 Tbsp. ground flax seed               2-3 Tbsp. hemp seed             1 Tbsp. lecithin                   4 Tbsp. coconut oil                                  banana and whatever other fruit desired — I use whatever is on sale      

Blend according to how much can fit in the blender, removing some to freezer containers in order to add more fruit and eventually more water if desired.  Repeat to make 3 batches or more at a time for expediency.  Thaw overnight; drink first-thing in the morning.

Between the greens, cucumbers, celery, fruits and proteins (hemp seed high in protein), the body gets a fast-start metabolic boost due to the speed of absorbing the liquid blend.  This combination is touted to help with energy, skin, hair, colon and overall cleansing and refreshing.  It sure has helped me, considering the chronic pain and ravishes of aging…!  Then eat whatever more substantial after this drink or after dressing–oatmeal, egg, rye toast or whatever other you consume that takes you healthily well into the day.

Start your family on Green Glory early in their lives, if you can convince them.  I confess that my grandchildren enjoyed watching me make it (despite the blender noise), and one was game to pose as if he loves drinking it, but they each declined so much as a sip.  I suppose it is only for the die-hards who have detached from texture, color and taste or are desperate to try anything that helps one feel better.  Green Glory is now my morning delight, and I find the taste and texture intriguing, if not refreshing!


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