The Joyful Hermit Shoppe: Religious Art

Framed prints, left, #1 Sold #2, antique print Madonna w/Child, framed, slight imperfection in frame, thus low price: $27 )

These framed photo and/or prints of religious art are available for purchase by emailing: to place order.  Order will be validated when purchase is made through the Paypal donation button on page site or arrangement with Joyful Hermit. 

Suggested donations per framed print are either listed by artwork: or, $12 per sepia antique print, unframed, and $16 per color antique print, unframed, approx. 7×9″. For framed, add $6 unless otherwise noted.  Shipping and handling for unframed are $4 per item, and for framed $8 per item.  

Catholic antiquity makes lovely gifts for: Birth, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Get Well, Teacher, Priest, Seminarian and Home!

St. Philomena #3 Sold

Guardian Angel #4

Vignette of Mary, #5

Infant of Prague, #6, not antique, $15 incl. frame, plus s&h, $8

Madonna and Child, #7

Ecce Homo, #8

St. Jane de Chantal, #9 Sold

Pope Benedict XVI

Professionally matted, double framed photograph of Pope Benedict XVI, 10, approximately 16 x 22″ outer dimensions.

Joyful Hermit suggested donation:  $35.00

S&H: $12

Contact to confirm order and  determine shipping costs per your location.

The Beloved Disciple with Jesus, #11 Sold

Commemorating a son going into the priesthood, #12

Last Supper, #13

Vignette of Virgin Mary, #14

St. Anne, Joachim and the Virgin Mary as a child, #15 Sold

Angel ministering to Jesus in Garden, #16

The Assumption of Mary, #17

Our Lady of Good Counsel, #18

Our Lady of Lourdes, #19

Mater Dolorosa, #20

St. Anthony with Child Jesus, #21

Angel delivering baby, #22

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, #24

St. Vincent de Paul, #25

St. Mary Magdalene, #26

Immaculate Heart of Mary, #27 Sold

Sacred Heart of Jesus, #28 Sold

Corpus Christi Day, #29

Marriage of Mary and Joseph, #30 Sold

Madonna and Child, #31

Guardian Angel with sick child, #32

St. Rita of Cascia, #33

Madonna and Child, #35 Sold

Madonna and Child, #36

Our Lady of Sorrows, #37

Ecce Homo, #38 Sold

The Holy Family, #39 Sold

Angels with Mary and Jesus, #40 Sold

Holy Family, #41

St. Anthony with Baby Jesus, #42

Corpus Christi Day, $43

Corpus Christi Day, #44


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