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Trees for Sale

Deciduous, blooming trees in the gardens are always a joy to behold, especially if planted so as to bloom in succession throughout spring and summer.  Below are three trees I hope to sell; they are too large for me to … Continue reading

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Nature’s Notes

The gardens here have numerous, interesting specimen trees, such as unusual Japanese Maples.  It does not seem right to not share the beauty, whether unusual or simply the beautiful, typical, gorgeous leaves that we find in any locale.  Although note … Continue reading

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Joyfully Healthy Amaranth

Photo by Dysviz Joyful Hermit ordered some seeds this spring of herbs and flowers not so easily located.  Amaranth is among them, although these seeds may be purchased in stores.  Another name for it is:  Love Lies Bleeding.  This flower … Continue reading

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Indoor Greenhousing

This year Joyful Hermit decided to take indoor greenhousing to a higher level.  The flats of annuals costs rise yearly, and finding sales is hit-and-miss.  Big Lots had three-shelf greenhouse units for $20 each; JH purchased two, on separate days … Continue reading

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