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Water, Whatever

The Joyful Hermit is watering the few remaining orchids and a slew of other houseplants today.  Just stepped outside the garage with the blue bucket and loaded it with the quickly melting snow.  Brought in the bucket, set it on … Continue reading

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Epiphany Soup

On a cold, snowy evening The Joyful Hermit experienced a soup epiphany.  So I rooted around the refrigerator and pantry to see what sale items would make a hearty, healthy, winter soup.  The results proved enlightening…plus absolutely scrumptious. The word … Continue reading


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The Joyful Hermit: Love Heals

There are many facets to suffering and all manners and types of pain.  I rank types of suffering from greatest to least in this order:  spiritual, emotional, mental, then physical.  Physical pain can aggravate mental, emotional and spiritual anguish.  Mental … Continue reading

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The Joyful Hermit’s Cheapeats

The Joyful Hermit shops some at Big Lots.  One reason is that it is along my route from Cathedral to hermitage.  It is simple to navigate the parking lot and store.  And, I noticed that some of the food items … Continue reading

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Fortitude, Fudge: The Joyful Hermit Way

The Joyful Hermit made a batch of Fortitude Fudge the other day.  Fortitude is also called strength of soul, strength of character, spiritual vigor.  It is a supernatural moral virtue that strengthens the soul to great moral good without letting … Continue reading

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What People Might Think a Hermit Looks Like

A hermit friend who lives in Germany e-mailed this painting, “Der Eremit Hühnchen bratend” [The Hermit Roasting Chicken] by  von Carl Spitweg. No, it could not be The Joyful Hermit because I don’t roast, steam, broil, fry, simmer or grill … Continue reading

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Errand Day Joys

Today I used  a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s, plus only purchased 60%-70% clearance toddler clothes. These will be donated to the Women’s Care Center.  I made a promise to God at Christmas that if the Kohl’s mailer had a … Continue reading

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Choose Joy

I encounter people, including myself, who feel hindered and a bit used and abused.  I also encounter people who, including myself, frankly, could use an injection of kindness to others.  We all have at one time or another probably felt … Continue reading

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Healthy and Frugal in Simple Ways

I always save the wax liners from cereal boxes, mixes, cookies and crackers. I got this idea from a great uncle who in his prime owned an old-time, neighborhood grocery store.  Uncle Carl had lots of money-saving habits.  Living to … Continue reading

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Healthy Hermit Pancake

Here’s a Healthy Hermit Pancake I put together with a bit of “inexpensive” and “easy”. Brightens breakfast on a snowy day and makes the taste buds smile….  Not long ago I noticed a box of Fiber One pancake/waffle mix at … Continue reading

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