Trees for Sale

Deciduous, blooming trees in the gardens are always a joy to behold, especially if planted so as to bloom in succession throughout spring and summer.  Below are three trees I hope to sell; they are too large for me to take with me.  One has to be ingenious and open to ideas from others.

Thus far, I have made contact with a university extension Master Gardener group whose newsletter will mention the over 90 unusual and specimen trees for sale here.  Someone else suggested the botanical gardens, and they now are letting their volunteers and staff know of the tree-trove here.  That contact led to the park superintendent; he wants to develop a specimen tree area this summer in one of the city’s many parks.  I also have two places that will accept my donation of trees that do not sell and will send men to dig them.

I never dreamed a person could become so attached to nature, beauty, truth and goodness in trees.  But I have become attached; and now the process of detaching is yet another good effort in the phases of life.  What it seems God has loved of these gardens are the efforts, costs, employment of others, and sacrifice, plus the prayers in the hours and toil.

Thus, I will try to please God as much in the effort to sell, dig, and transport some to create a smaller garden in the new location…and all the prayers involved in the time and work, all over again.  A huge aspect of such ora et labora (prayer and work) includes those dear people who will interact with me and generously help in the process.


Dogwood ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’

15 gal. approx.


Butterfly Magnolia just beginning to bloom, 15 gal. approx.

Royal Burgundy Cherry 15 gal., approx.


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  1. Jane Bielawski says:

    Enjoy, Jack.

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