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More Joyful Grandparenting

Little guests visited Joyful Hermit’s hermitage this week, wherein JH had a project in mind.  Two unfinished birdhouses with red, white and green paints and brushes (purchased for $3.99 each at Tuesday Morning) seemed just the activity to enjoy on … Continue reading

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Religious Art on Joyful Hermit Shoppe Page

Check out the selections of antique religious art prints as well as a beautifully framed photograph of Pope Benedict XVI on the newly created listing page of The Joyful Hermit Shoppe: Religious Art. More selections will be added.  Simply order … Continue reading

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Joyfully Inexpensive Joyful Gift

The price of greeting cards, for those who still send them, can cost as much as a joyfully fun gift that is utilizable as well as spreads joy beyond the initial gift.  Joyful Hermit pounced on the idea when noticing … Continue reading

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Indoor Greenhousing

This year Joyful Hermit decided to take indoor greenhousing to a higher level.  The flats of annuals costs rise yearly, and finding sales is hit-and-miss.  Big Lots had three-shelf greenhouse units for $20 each; JH purchased two, on separate days … Continue reading

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Fortress of Solitude

When Porter visited, he delighted in the gardens and discovered a hidden area within the Young’s Weeping Birch, Chamaecyparis ‘Green Arrow’, a Japanese maple, and various perennials, that he called his Fortress of Solitude.  Of course, we adults marveled at … Continue reading

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What Is Joy?

The Joyful Hermit today considers joy.  What is joy?  How do we get it?  Of what use and benefit is joy in our daily lives?  For the answers, JH turns to the spiritual because the spiritual is the root of … Continue reading

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Laetare Soup

Laetare is a Latin word meaning rejoice! The fourth Sunday in Lent is known as Laetare Sunday, and Joyful Hermit rejoiced having landed through the mid-point of Lent by making a fridge & freezer-clearing soup. Two sweet onions sliced, five … Continue reading

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Choosing a Life Theme

Joyful Hermit has a theme of life.  You would expect a hermit to love God, but love is for everyone.  That is why Joyful chooses love as a theme for life, and the heart shape is a good statement of … Continue reading

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Variations of a Theme

Efficiency nests in simplicity when we utilize variations of a theme.  Peace is the fruit.  This can be in temporal matters of our daily lives such as eating, dressing, working, sleeping, playing.  It can be in our giving, also, such … Continue reading

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