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Be Yourself (in God’s will)

Being oneself is always a challenge, for most of us may not really know ourselves well enough to be that which God has created!  For one reality always remains: Our selves are constantly evolving.  Yes, God works with us throughout … Continue reading

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Dorotheos of Gaza Said This, That Sticks

This morning I was reminded of a man named Dorotheos of Gaza.  It had to do with contrition… saying we are sorry.  But first let’s learn about this hermit born into the world at Antioch in Syria around 506.  From … Continue reading

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Wisdom from a Wise and Holy Woman: Teresa of Avila

When we think of people who influence us–as public figures, mentors, or private friends–sometimes we forget those who are not in our geographic region….or our lifetime.  One such person to me is a woman named Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada.  … Continue reading

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Epiphany Cake

While Epiphany is the 6th of January, it is celebrated now in the Church in the United States on the Sunday following January 6.  I tend to celebrate it both days unless the 6th falls on a Sunday.  Regardless, it … Continue reading

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Advent Gifts

Advent prepares the heart and hearth for the coming of Christ, celebrated on December 25.  Advent begins four Sundays prior to Christmas.  The spiritual theme is inner and outer preparation while waiting.  Advent heralds the beginning of a new liturgical … Continue reading

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Eating Humble Pie

The idiom popped into my mind a few days ago and departs not:  Now eat your humble pie.  It is something my dad would say, surely.  After hearing it in my mind over and over, it was time to research.  … Continue reading

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Happy Eternal Birthday!

A letter arrived in which someone urged:  Don’t go away!  It has been a day of pondering not being noticed, as well as of celebrating the tenth birthday of my dad who died Nov. 20, 2001–but was born into eternity … Continue reading

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Doing Great Things for God

As a child, in one of those moments remembered in each detail, and deeply sensing God, I promised with my life to do great things for God.  When a bit older, someone taunted me about my promise:  “You’re just a … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Bitter

Someone emailed asking how not to be bitter.  Came on a day in which I was at peak of bitterness, having had meekness challenges galore [reference post: Meekness Rice Pudding].  A steam-roiling walk gave opportunity to ponder the query on … Continue reading

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Meekness Rice Pudding

Baked rice pudding seemed just right on a chilly, rainy November morning.  Besides, I was pondering the virtue of meekness; and the two complement each other in essence and substance. While meekness is associated with humility, meekness differs, just as … Continue reading

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