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Dorotheos of Gaza (I’m Sorry) Soup

There’s no way around the truth of it:  Soup is good for the body, mind, heart and spirit…anytime, especially on a snowy day.  The amount of vitamins, minerals and protein simmering within a bowl of soup is as astounding as … Continue reading

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Epiphany Cake

While Epiphany is the 6th of January, it is celebrated now in the Church in the United States on the Sunday following January 6.  I tend to celebrate it both days unless the 6th falls on a Sunday.  Regardless, it … Continue reading

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Advent Soup

It’s Advent and time for hot soup in colder climes, but soup benefits us, truly, any time, anywhere.  The first Sunday of Advent seemed prime to assess the hermitage vegetables: red onions, baby bella mushrooms, celery, Brussels sprouts, carrots, red … Continue reading

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Eating Humble Pie

The idiom popped into my mind a few days ago and departs not:  Now eat your humble pie.  It is something my dad would say, surely.  After hearing it in my mind over and over, it was time to research.  … Continue reading

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November’s Brandied Cranberries

November brings fresh cranberries to market, out of the northeastern cranberry bogs and into our mind-taste for something tart and traditional. I could not resist three 12-oz. bags at ALDI this week: 99¢ per bag. What could one hermit do … Continue reading

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Meekness Rice Pudding

Baked rice pudding seemed just right on a chilly, rainy November morning.  Besides, I was pondering the virtue of meekness; and the two complement each other in essence and substance. While meekness is associated with humility, meekness differs, just as … Continue reading

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Joyful Reports on Various Experiments

Three weeks into slurping Green Glop first thing every morning, Joyful Hermit is pleased to report improvement in energy.  Consume a glass with morning pain med, head to Mass, return later for some oatmeal or eggs.  (Just learned that breakfast … Continue reading

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Laetare Soup

Laetare is a Latin word meaning rejoice! The fourth Sunday in Lent is known as Laetare Sunday, and Joyful Hermit rejoiced having landed through the mid-point of Lent by making a fridge & freezer-clearing soup. Two sweet onions sliced, five … Continue reading

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Joyfully Augmented Breakfast Cake

Read about a simple way to augment a muffin or other mix.  Joyful Hermit swooped up several half-priced blueberry and banana nut muffin mixes awhile back.  On their own merit, they offer minimal protein (2 g) per serving.  But augmented, … Continue reading

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Springtime Soup

Still a bit brisk outside but eager for spring?  Joyful Hermit shares this plight and decided to perk up the body and mind with some Springtime Soup. Select fresh vegetables that come on sale this time of year: Brussels sprouts, … Continue reading

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