Healthy and Frugal in Simple Ways

I always save the wax liners from cereal boxes, mixes, cookies and crackers. I got this idea from a great uncle who in his prime owned an old-time, neighborhood grocery store.  Uncle Carl had lots of money-saving habits.  Living to nearly 103, he also knew a little about health and a lot about recycling.  How many useful items are just tossed out?

I use these wax liners for produce, cheese, meats, and even baked items and to clamp them off with a spring-hinge clothespin.  I get far more life and freshness from foods this way and also use them in the freezer for better, longer lasting, storage of foods.  They can be rinsed, washed, air-dried, and re-used.

I can’t recall the last time I purchased plastic baggies. Wax liners are far superior, and essentially I already paid for them in the original product they protected.  For storage, keep these wax liners inside a cupboard, flattened and wedged sideways between kitchen appliances so they stay in place. Slide one out when needed.

These wax liner bags also work very well when pulled apart to make a flat sheet of quite durable waxed paper.  These liners are heavy duty compared to the waxed paper purchased in a boxed roll.  Plus, the flattened liner can also be washed, dried and re-used.  Just roll them up like wrapping paper and rubber band so they stay compact for storage between uses.

A quick way to get the liners out of the boxes, plus make breakfast cereal much more healthy yet palatable for those young and old with a bit of sweet tooth, is to empty and mix one box of sweetened cereal with one box of unsweetened cereal.  Mix in a large container or replace in the two wax liners and clamp.

Oats cereal actually have a decent amount of protein, and by mixing a sweetened with unsweetened, no need for additional sugar. Of course, it would be all the better to simply eat the non-sugary cereal, but not everyone is in agreement on that point, at least not at some ages….But they also aren’t so quick to see the trick in mixing some healthier into the colorful sweetened variety. Top with sliced bananas or fresh berries and add milk: lactose, soy, or rice milk.

Incidentally, most grocery and discount stores (such as ALDI) carry off-brands that cost significantly less, and no one notices when the cereal is poured from a neutral container.


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