Joyful Hermit Herbal Mix

Joyful Hermit Herbals are now available, just in time to add hints of mysterious, marvelous flavors to winter soups, beans, egg dishes, pastas, potatoes–any culinary creation that begs for palate intrigue.

The 10 commendable herbs are grown right here in the hermitage gardens, harvested, dried, and leaves removed from stems–all with care and prayer.  Keeping in mind simplicity and slowness as part of  hermit way of life, the herbs are dried, hanging them by stems or nestling in a brown bag, kept in a cool, dry place.  This process takes a few weeks.  Some like to dry herbs in an oven, no hotter than 185°, but  this hermit allows time to cure them, the slow, simple way.

Also slow, silent, and simple is the hand-process to remove the tiny leaves from the stems.  Yes, it takes hours; but those hours are meditative and pleasant–a way to ponder the beauty of the sense:  sight, smell, touch and even hearing the sounds of slight movements with each stem slowly, carefully stripped.  Taste comes later, and Joyful Hermit Herbals promise delight!

Next, the congenial variety of herbs are combined like the good friends they are, each with healthy attributes–not just herbs for show or taste.  I leave them as intact as possible and offer them by 1/2, 3/4 or cupfuls for anyone who would like a jar or tin of Joyful Hermit Herb Mix.  The amount may not seem like much, but the reason I do not compact the herbs is because the flavor is retained far better than the ground herbs and spices one purchases at the store.  A teaspoon or tablespoon of Joyful Hermit Herbals release their bouquet or flavor when crushed in one’s hand and brushed into a pot of soup, rubbed on poultry, cheese, or whatever dish being prepared.

If you would like some Joyful Hermit Herbal Mix, go to “Hermit Shoppe” food page and choose what amount and jar or tin.  Email to place your order.  Suggested donations vary depending upon amount and choice of container.  Postage and handling will depend upon your location; but the herbs themselves, full-bodied in flavor, are lightweight.

Note:  Joyful Hermit Herbals quantities and containers are limited to this year’s harvest as well as jars and tins on hand. Ordering these is one instance for not doing so slowly….


About The Joyful Hermit

I am a hermit, a life-long Christian, successful in living frugally yet with creativity and JOY! I provide can-do ideas for all aspects of daily life. I live the up side of being down in any situation. Learn to live each day simply and joyfully. Benefit from practical tips and creative ideas with The Joyful Hermit.
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