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Life Coach: Joyful Hermit Offers Personal Counsel

What is a Life Coach?  This term applies to a current trend of help for people who desire to improve their personal lives in creative and practical ways.  Life coaching is not for those who require therapy for various diagnosable … Continue reading

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Hermit Cookies Sold the Joyful Hermit Way

What can one expect from an order of Joyful Hermit Hermits?  This past week brought an online order, and Joyful Hermit found out what it is to be a hermit-put-to-work.  Ora et labore, advised St. Benedict:  Pray and work!  Joyful … Continue reading

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Healthy Green Glop

Joyful Hermit suffers from intractable, rather high-level pain.  This has been going on for nearly 27 years as a result of a teen driver who was drunk.  Surgeons years ago said the pain would worsen with age, and they have … Continue reading

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