Caramels: Sea-salted and Sundry Variations

When a friend ordered two varieties of Fortitude Fudge, I decided to experiment with a caramel drizzle variety.  The fudge drizzle accomplished, what to do with the remaining caramel?  I poured it into buttered pans, sprinkled a little sea salt on top…and soon realized that these caramels are the ITEM, not the left-over.

Actually, the caramel drizzle on the Fortitude Fudge was awkward when cutting pieces.  Ditch that project.  But, the caramels themselves are fabulous!  I should name them for the virtue of temperance, as it takes strength in this virtue to withstand the temptation to eat all of these sensational nuggets.  Simply to bite into one can release a splash of sea salt amidst the succulent, caramel sweetness.  The sea sirens sing softly:  Just one more!

In life, one thing leads to another.  A friend gave me a half-baggie of pistachio nuts.  Why not try some, chopped, in another batch of caramels and go lightly on the sea salt?  I literally had to quickly wax-wrapper these and bag them in 4 oz. quantities to be virtuously sure I’d have some to share..  (BTW: Temperance is a supernatural moral virtue that moderates the attraction towards sense-pleasure, especially the pleasures of the palate and the flesh, and keeps them within the proper limits of propriety.*

I’ve decided to offer these little temptations in 4 oz. (about 9 pieces) and 8 oz. (about 18 pieces) packages.  This morning I bagged 4-oz. quantities because it seems charitable to have four bags available and share these delights with more…the merrier.  However, if someone emails and requests more, I’ll accommodate.  Specify nuts or no nuts.

Don’t they look absolutely sweet in a heart-print bag?  I have figured the costs involved, and a 4-oz. bag (9 wax-wrapped caramels) can leave the hermitage with a suggested donation of $3.50.  For an 8-oz. bag, how about $6.50?  Please include a donation for shipping costs, approximately $3.00 for 4 oz. and $5.75 for 8 oz.  I try to keep the prices at frugal levels.  Don’t forget to let me know prayer intentions with any order!  I’ll pray for a good dose of the virtue of temperance with each, just because.

* Tanquerey, Adolphe.  The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology. 1930. Belgium: Desclée & Company, p. 517.


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1 Response to Caramels: Sea-salted and Sundry Variations

  1. Louisea says:

    They sound wonderful! I will have to try some soon! Hope you Christmas was blessed.

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