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Think, See and Do Differently

Not all people think alike, nor do they see or do in the same way.  Hermits themselves lovingly march to a different drumbeat.  Among hermits there are differences in how they perceive and exist in degrees of temporal or mystical. … Continue reading

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Tapenade Asparagus Omelet, Joyfully

The Joyful Hermit decided to try out one of the suggested uses of tapenade.  After all, what if the ideas proved unflavorable?  As you can see from the photo, lunch today at the hermitage was definitely colorful.  And yes, this … Continue reading

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Now This Is Fun: Food Question for the Joyful Hermit!

I received this request on The Joyful Hermit Facebook page: Can The Joyful Hermit tell me what I can do with something called tapenade? I am taking your advice and bought it on clearance, but don’t know how to use … Continue reading

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